SureGrip GuaranteeOUR $5,000 GUARANTEE

SureGrip ® Footwear is engineered for safety, style, comfort and durability at a great value. Designed to protect workers on slippery surfaces, SureGrip shoes are the brand of choice for restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, factories and industrial areas throughout the U.S. & Canada.

What is the SureGrip Footwear Confidence Guarantee?

We are so confident that our SureGrip slip resistant footwear will help reduce slips and falls in the workplace, we give participating employers – employers whose employees purchase SureGrip footwear through a payroll deduction program and employers who bear the full cost of their employees’ SureGrip footwear purchases through a 100% subsidy program -- our Confidence Guarantee. Subject to the Terms and Conditions below, we pledge to reimburse up to $5,000 in direct medical expenses paid by a participating employer for injuries sustained by its employee in a “Qualifying Accident.”

A “Qualifying Accident” is a slip and fall accident that occurs in the course and scope of an employee’s employment [on the floor of the participating employer’s workplace] while the employee is wearing a pair of SureGrip footwear (excluding ShoeGuard® shoe coverings) purchased not more than 6 months before the date of the accident either through the participating employer’s payroll deduction plan or by the employer (through a 100% reimbursement subsidy). “Qualifying Accidents” do not include accidents caused by objects on the floor or accidents occurring in icy conditions, or accidents occurring on stairs.

Confidence Guarantee Guidelines

    1. Keuka Footwear, Inc. (“SureGrip”) will reimburse the participating employer, as its exclusive remedy for a Qualifying Accident, the lesser of either $5,000 or the total of all direct medical expenses incurred by the employer of an employee injured in a Qualifying Accident, provided that SureGrip’s total reimbursement obligation for all Qualifying Accidents in any calendar year shall not exceed 10% of the employer’s net purchases of SureGrip footwear plus net purchases of SureGrip footwear by the employer’s employees via payroll deduction during the calendar year in which the Qualifying Accidents occurred.
    2. SureGrip reserves the right to require written certification by the employee and/or the manager confirming any of the above conditions on the form(s) provided by SureGrip.
    3. If a participating employer is more than 60 days delinquent in its payment of any SureGrip invoice, this CONFIDENCE GUARANTEE is suspended automatically and without notice until all past due amounts and any applicable interest or late charges have been paid in full.
    4. SureGrip reimbursements via the CONFIDENCE GUARANTEE are for direct medical expenses only. Claims other than direct medical expenses, including but not limited to expenses due to lost time at work, will not be paid.
    5. No reimbursement shall be due for any Qualifying Accident which is not reported in writing to SureGrip within 21 days after the date of the accident. Notice, including an accident report in a form acceptable to SureGrip, must be provided in writing to:

      SureGrip Footwear
      1415 Murfreesboro Road,
      Suite 388 Nashville,
      TN 37217
      Attn: Michelle Graves

    6. This CONFIDENCE GUARANTEE shall automatically terminate with respect to the employer upon the termination of its Employee Payroll Deduction Plan or the 100% company subsidized program with SureGrip.
    7. The limited warranty and remedy set forth in this document is employer’s exclusive remedy for accidents involving employees wearing footwear purchased from SureGrip. These terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with and governed by Tennessee law.