Safety Mat

Safety Mat

3' x 5' SureGrip Safety Mat

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Keeping your staff safe is vital to your business. We understand that. That's why our slip-resistant mat is specifically designed for high-traffic areas prone to spills of water, grease and oil. Anti-bacterial treatment helps prevent growth of harmful bacteria.  Perfect for kitchens, beverage stations, bars, dishwater areas, food prep areas, fry areas, commercial sink areas, garages, and most other hazardous areas where employees are walking, pushing, pulling, or carrying items over greasy, wet, and oily floors.

SureGrip® Safety Mat features:

  • Soft pliable rubber for better gripping to floor surfaces
  • Full surface graphite top ensures protection from slips
  • Measures 3' x 5' - 6mm thickness
  • Slots for drainage in the bottom
  • Patented Slip Resistant rubber base
  • Low profile mat with tapered edges for high traffic areas
  • Anti-bacterial treatment helps prevent the growth of mildew, mold, e-coli, salmonella and other bacteria (Must be cleaned regularly to maintain anti-bacterial effectiveness)

Cleaning instructions:

  1. Apply detergent solutions from mop bucket, spray bottle, or sink.
  2. Scrub both sides of mat with scrub brush.
  3. Rinse with hose.
  4. Do not hang by the drainage slots of the mat to dry.

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3' x 5' SureGrip Safety Mat