Frequently Asked Questions


How do I check my order status?

SureGrip Footwear has made it easy for you to check your order status!

If you have access to the Internet, simply click on "Order Status" . If you haven't logged in recently, then you will be asked to login with your SureGrip Footwear account. To do this, enter your e-mail address that was used to sign up with us, then provide your password.

Order History
You can check the status of Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, and Returns. Just click on the Track Your Order button and any activity for the last 15 days will be displayed. You will have the ability to print past orders, invoices, etc.

If you need information on account activity for a specific date range, fill in the From: and To: dates and click on the Go Secure button for the results.

Forgot Your Password?
If you forgot your password, then just enter your e-mail address under the "Forgot Password" section on the bottom of the Sign In/Login page. Your password will be immediately sent to the e-mail address you used to register.

What do I do if my order doesn't arrive?

While lost orders are rare, they can happen. A lost order could be any of the following:

    - An unexpected delay with the shipping company
    - Shipment to an alternate shipping address (manageable through Account Services)
    - A technical difficulty may have occurred during the order process.
SureGrip Footwear treats Customer Service as a very high priority and we are here to help you resolve any situation.

The first step is finding out the order status. When you placed an order, you should have received a confirmation via e-mail containing your order number. Click on "Order Status" at the top of our website and login if you haven't already. Then click on the Track Your Order button. All account activity for the last 15 days will be displayed.

Lost Shipment / Unexpected Delay
If your order has shipped, a tracking number will be available on the order or invoice status page. Clicking on the tracking number will directly link to a tracking page with detailed tracking information. You can use this information to find out where the order is. Also, verify that the shipping address in the tracking information is the same as your ship-to address. You may check your current shipping address(es) with Account Services. If a shipment went to the wrong address, you should contact UPS and get the package re-routed.

An Existing Order Hasn't Shipped Yet
When viewing your order through Account Services, you should be able to see if the order has shipped or not. Typically, orders are shipped within 1 business day from the time you ordered. If your order hasn't shipped yet, it may be possible that an item is on backorder. During your order, you should be notified of any item marked as backordered. In an event that you weren't notified and your order hasn't shipped, please call Customer Care for more detail on your order status.

Non-existent Order
If you haven't received your shipment and didn't receive an order number, chances are we never received your order! When placing an order online, you should receive an e-mail confirmation immediately following the order. If you haven't received a confirmation, there may have been technical difficulties at the time and you should call customer service at (877) 566-7547. If you placed an order over the phone, receiving an order confirmation may take longer. You may call Customer Care to check the status of your account.

What do I do if my order is damaged?


SureGrip Footwear puts Customer Care first! If you have received a damaged or incorrect order, then simply contact Customer Care and we will take care of you.  



How do I change my password?


To change your password, login to Account Services by clicking on Log In at the top left corner of the page. If you are already logged in, then you click on "My Account", also at the top of the page.

When looking at the User Account Information page, you will see a "My Account" Navigation menu on the left. These are provided for you to update your information at your convenience. Simply click on Change Password and you will be instructed to type in your old password, then your new one.

Can I have more than 1 billing address?


Our system only allows one billing address per account to be maintained. You can, however, change that billing address at your convenience.

Changing your Billing Address
To change your billing address, Log In to our website and choose "My Account" from the navigation menu at the top of the page. You should then see another navigation box labeled "My Account" on the left. Click on "Modify Billing Address" to change it.

Can I have more than 1 shipping address?


Yes! For your convenience, you may have more than one shipping address. Your default shipping address (when you first created an account with us) will always be displayed in bold on the website.

Changing Your Current Shipping Address
To change your shipping address, Log In to our website and choose "My Account" from the navigation menu on the top of the page. You should then see another navigation box labeled "My Account" on the left. Click on "Edit Shipping Address" to change it. If the shipping address has been used in the past for an order, you can't change this address. You can always add a new shipping address.

Adding a New Shipping Address
To add another shipping address, Log In to our website and choose "My Account" from the navigation menu. You should then see another navigation box labeled "My Account" on the left. Click on "Add New Shipping Address" to create a new one.

Payroll Deduction Program


All too often, employee compliance in slip resistant footwear programs in the work place is challenged simply because employees may not be prepared to pay for footwear when needed during pay check cycles.   With the SureGrip payroll deduction plan, employees are permitted to choose and pay for their own safety footwear by selecting appropriate comfortable footwear through voluntary payroll deductions. This program is strictly voluntary, and is designed as a service to the employee to provide ease of purchase. It is important to point out this plan is not a condition of employment and is to be used at the sole discretion of the employee.

One of the most obvious benefits to the company who permits payroll plans to be utilized, is compliance and an increase in good safety habits through awareness.  Employee participation in slip resistant footwear programs will result in your company's measurable reduction in slip and fall accidents, workman’s compensation claims, and insurance premiums. With the SureGrip Footwear Payroll deduction plan, management has experienced an increase of upwards of 300% in employee participation in non-slip footwear programs!

The plan is simple.  Here is how the plan works.

1. Please display your SureGrip Footwear posters in prominent places around your business, where your employees can see the non-slip footwear featured for your work place environment. Once the employee makes his or her selection, they simply fill out an order form with payroll deduction options.  The employee should fill out the entire form, including name, social security number, or employee ID, style, size, width, and ship to location. When they finish completing this form, the employee should be give it to the manager on duty for order placement and authorized signature.

2. The manager then places the order via the web, phone, or fax, anytime of the day, 7 days a week!  Once received, we ship the same day.  See our zoned shipping map for delivery options

3. SureGrip Café footwear is shipped directly to your work place.  When the shoes are shipped, a detailed invoice of the transaction is sent to your company's billing address. This invoice will contain the same information as the order form in a different format for easy payment and employee deduction purposes. When a payroll deduction program is set up, please let us know in advance when you would like to receive our invoices, daily, weekly, etc., and in which format that works best with your Information Technology system.  SureGrip footwear has several options to simplify your accounting procedures. We can send data to you in an email, on CD, or on paper reports. We can send the data in comma delimited file format, excel spreadsheet format, or other formats that can be worked out with your IT and payroll departments.  We just need to know which is most efficient for you.

4. Finally, your employer will begin the payroll deduction process from the employees pay check.  It is entirely up to the company as to how many deductions are permitted but usually it is from 2 to 3 paychecks.

5. Your employer will process our invoice for payment to SureGrip Footwear  under our standard terms on a net 30 day basis.

The SureGrip Footwear payroll deduction program is easy to join and set up.  For more information on how to implement a SureGrip Footwear Payroll Deduction plan, please call us today toll free at 1.877.566.7547, Monday through Friday 8am EST - 6pm EST.  Or e-mail us at  We look forward to hearing from you.



How can I place an order with you?


Anyone within the United States can place an order with SureGrip Footwear. The easiest way is through the web; with interactive catalog viewing you can add items to your cart and place your order within seconds! However, we also provide other methods of ordering at your convenience.

Online Ordering
If you have Internet access, you can order your shoes 24/7 from any location! Just log onto our website, If you don't have an account already, sign up now to begin shopping with SureGrip Footwear! And don't worry, your information is secure with us!

On the Phone - 1-877-566-7547
SureGrip Footwear has representatives standing by to take your order over the phone. Call our Customer Care representatives at 1-877-566-7547.

By Fax - 1-877-566-5153
If you didn't think Online Ordering and Phone ordering was enough, we also have a dedicated fax line at 1-877-566-5153. When we receive your fax, your order will be processed promptly and you will receive a confirmation via e-mail (If you supplied your e-mail).
Hours of Operation
M-F 8-7pm
Sat  9-2pm

Regardless of how orders are placed, we guarantee they will all be processed with the same speed, care and attention to detail that distinguishes SureGrip Footwear from the competition.

RMA Returns



Free Returns/Exchanges

We're not happy unless you are. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that. If you're not satisfied with your shoes, for any reason, simply return them, using the Pre-Paid UPS shipping label* within 60 days of purchase. We'll also exchange them FREE; at absolutely no cost to you.

  • Download Our RMA Return Form Here


Conditions of Use

SureGrip Footwear, Inc. allows its customers to post reviews on items we sell. This is meant to contain honest and accurate opinions on our products. Since our website follows a professional business model, SureGrip Footwear has the right to monitor these reviews and make changes as needed. We will not, however, remove any negative comments if they appear to be valid. Any reviews submitted will be removed if found to contain any of the following:
  •  Any malicious comment
  •  Any threats towards an individual or business
  •  Profanity
  •  Sexual references
  •  Any non-related material
  •  Any other material found to be disorderly by SureGrip Footwear
By submitting reviews, you give SureGrip Footwear the right to use your review along with whatever name you provided for marketing purposes. Close


Advertising and Errors

Any information on the website is subject to change. SureGrip Footwear reserves the right to modify any information displayed on the website or in offline documents. Special offers are also subject to change, and may be revoked at any time. While we strive for information accuracy, SureGrip Footwear will work with the customer in the event of an error.

Special offers will be extended to those who qualify. Please refer to the special offer for qualification details.

Volume Level National Accounts Program?

SureGrip Footwear offers a variety of customer account programs both regionally as well as those on a national/multi chain level.

While we do have several methods of distribution, it is very important for us to learn more about our customer's needs.  Once qualified, we can potentially customize or bundle our programs specifically for you. This process would include volume price structures that are commensurate with your services.

If you have a non-slip footwear program in place today or are considering implementing one for your employees, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service or National Accounts Sales and Service Department. We certainly would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss your objectives and provide our expertise in all areas as needed.

We are confident our business model and merchandising philosophies will deliver un-matched services, superior product, and measurable value.   Oh yes, did we mention the best rated slip resistance sole in the market today?

Please call us today for your free work place assessment and service evaluation.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Sales Promotion Kit

If you are interested in a Sales Promotion Kit for our National Accounts Program or for our Payroll Deduction Program, Please contact our National Accounts Sales and Service Department.



Domestic Shipping Policy

SureGrip Footwear has put together standard shipping rates to make it easier for our customers to receive a shipping rate when the order is placed. We use UPS as our carrier because of their proven reliability and service.

Our standard shipping rates are as follows:

Quantity Per Pair Ground (3-7 Business Days) Express Delivery (3 Business Days) Overnight Delivery (Ordered by 3pm EST)
1-2 Pairs shipping included $7 per pair $19 per pair
3-5 Pairs shipping included $3.50 per pair $8 per pair
6+ Pairs shipping included $1.75 per pair $4 per pair
Note: Shipping rates will vary during promotions and special offers.
Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and all others call for Shipping.
For Orders for Alaska and Hawaii - add $6.00 to the total of the order.

Orders are billed when shipped. SureGrip Footwear does not bill customers for items that are backordered. If an order has been cancelled due to item availability, your account will not be charged.

Orders are typically shipped the same day if ordered before 3 PM Eastern Standard Time. If for some reason your order cannot be shipped, you will be notified.

International Shipping Policy

SureGrip Footwear ships internationally through UPS to wholesalers and distributors. Rates vary depending on location, and you will need to call customer service at (877) 566-7547 to get a shipping quote. This quote would include duties, taxes and brokerage fees.

Orders are billed when shipped. SureGrip Footwear does not bill customers for items that are backordered. If an order has been canceled due to item availability, your account will not be charged.

What shipping methods are offered?

Currently, SureGrip Footwear and UPS have worked together to come up with special shipping rates on our products. We offer the following options:
- Ground Commercial that will reach you from 3 to 7 business days.
- 3 Day Select that will reach you in 3 business days.
- Next Day that will reach you the next business day.
We use UPS for all of our shipping within the United States and overseas.

Note: Shipping rates will vary during promotions and special offers.



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